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Our mission is to preserve and enhance the rural beauty of the Carpinteria Valley

Vision Zero: Preventing traffic fatalities

Try to envision a future with zero severe or fatal transportation-related injuries. Impossible? We don’t think so. Jun 3, 2020

Actions matter

In this column, I frequently write about serious issues: ocean water bacteria levels, air pollution, habitat destruction, climate change and sea level rise. Just last month, I discussed sediment dumping on the beach at Ash Avenue.

Essential workers

If you walk around the corner from Crushcakes Cafe and start down Yucca Lane toward the parking lot behind that building, you see a large mural on the wall that resembles an old-fashioned postcard showing the beach paradise and glamour that is the stereotype of California.

Ash Avenue beach dumping under review

Walk out to the beach at the end of Ash Avenue and what do you find? If it is not high tide, you see huge ribbons of rocks ranging from pebbles to softball-sized and even larger.

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